Axiom ZK Intensive Program

Announcing the Axiom ZK Intensive.

At Axiom, we believe that smart contract design is just in its first inning. As new scaling technologies like ZK become practical, on-chain application architectures are changing to allow crypto experiences to reach their full potential. One gap we’ve noticed across the ecosystem is that developers are enthusiastic about the new abilities ZK can offer their projects, but have a difficult time learning about the technology and how to use it in practical smart contract applications.

To bridge that gap, today we are announcing the Axiom ZK Intensive, a 3 week program to help engineers learn about ZK and how to leverage it in their applications. By the end of the program, participants will have written their own custom ZK circuit and shipped a smart contract application integrating those circuits.

Apply here by September 18. The program is free and will start the week of October 9. It will be conducted remotely over Zoom and Discord.

Goals of the Program

The goal of the program is to bring smart contract developers from interest and curiosity about ZK to the ability to independent develop and deploy ZK-powered applications. We will cover:

  • The basic theory behind ZK
  • How to architect a ZK-powered on-chain application
  • How to develop new custom ZK circuits for your appliction.
  • How to deploy ZK circuits and access on-chain data in your application using Axiom.
  • A project where you build a new ZK-powered on-chain application end-to-end.

Who is the Ideal Participant?

We’re looking for participants who are comfortable in Solidity and have built smart contract applications end to end. Ideally, you’ve deployed production smart contracts before. We also ask that you are able to dedicate 10-15 hours a week on the program over a 4 week period to be able to grasp the concepts and build a substantial project by the end of the program.

Here are some examples of applications that leverage ZK that we’d love to mentor participants on:

  • Autonomous airdrops to reward protocol users for on-chain activity via smart contracts without a centralized authority.
  • On-chain loyalty systems based on trustless engagement scores.
  • Solver-based DeFi protocols which use provable off-chain solvers to settle markets.
  • NFT transacted floor price oracles to power underwriting for NFT lending and derivatives.
  • A randomness oracle leveraging consensus-level randomness from the beacon chain.
  • A trustless volatility oracle used to adjust fees in an AMM or LTVs in a lending protocol.
  • Generative NFTs proven in ZK to be generated from the claimed algorithm.

If you have your own idea for an application, or your idea leverages Axiom, that’s even better!

About Axiom

Axiom is the first ZK coprocessor scaling data-rich applications on Ethereum. Axiom provides smart contracts trustless access to historic on-chain data and arbitrary expressive compute. As part of our mission to unleash the power of zero-knowledge proofs for crypto applications, we are building some of the most performant zero-knowledge proof libraries. More information about Axiom is available at, and our ZK circuit code is open-source at