Axiom is Coming to Base

Compute over the history of Base from your smart contract.

Axiom is Coming to Base

Today we are announcing that Axiom is coming to Base – Axiom V2 is now live on Base Sepolia, and we will deploy on Base mainnet after a period of testing. Over the last few months, we've heard from developers across the space about the low fees, growing ecosystem, and ease of development on Base, and we are excited to bring Axiom to them.

This release will allow smart contracts on Base to compute over the entire history of Base, including receipts, transactions, contract storage, and block headers. As with our live mainnet release, developers can query this history in Typescript with the Axiom SDK and receive ZK-verified results on-chain from Axiom by implementing a single callback in their smart contract.

We are especially excited to enable applications of Axiom to new classes of projects thriving on Base. A few ideas we are excited about are:

  • ZK powered referrals programs that allow protocols to reward frontends for provably driving protocol revenue.
  • Acquiring users with past usage of competing protocols with a ZK-proven vampire attack.
  • Giving users custom protocol experiences based on their ZK-proven on-chain identity.

Reach out if you're interested in using any of these ideas for your new or existing app on Base.

To try out Axiom on Base Sepolia, you can create a new starter repo with npx create-axiom-client or check out our developer docs at Both Base and Base Sepolia are now supported for local smart contract development with axiom-std, and Base Sepolia is supported for testnet deployments in the Axiom SDK. As always, you can see our contract deployments here and view the state of your queries at

We'll have more to share soon on our timing and path to deploy Axiom on Base mainnet – follow us on Twitter to stay updated. In the meantime, if you are a developer building on Base, we'd love to hear from you! If you’d like to chat about an idea, join our technical dev chat on Telegram or fill out our early partner form. We’re excited to support you in building more data-rich smart contract applications on Base.